Reflections From The Bible And Life

How Does God Answer our Prayers?

Colossians 1:1-8; Psalm 52:10-11; Luke 4:38-44

The Lord is our divine healer. He heals us so that we may have faith, believe in Him and have salvation. To many, He answers the prayers of those who ask for His help specifically because He wants His children to believe that He exists and He has the power over everything. However, there are those who ask for His help so that they can go on with their lives devoid of Him. In Luke 4:38-44, Jesus points out to the fact that there are many who need Him and that He cannot just concentrate on the concerns of those people who were within the crowd that day. That was a lesson of selflessness and true love. For He has already made His point that He was of God and not man nor evil, He had to go on and spread God’s goodness elsewhere.

God doesn’t take away our pain all the time. It depends on the situation. If He sees fit to heal you seeing that it would produce something positive out of you, He will. However, if He sees that you need to learn something out of the pain to develop something positive, He will let you suffer but constantly guide you.

The Lord’s concern is for our eternal salvation and not for our earthly concerns nor comfort. If our focus is on the first, He will always answer our prayers the way we want it to be answered. However, if our intentions are otherwise, He will still answer our prayers but in other different forms. Nevertheless, He will never abandon us. For in our trials, we also experience the goodness of God, through inner peace, faith and total trust in Him.

If we always walk the talk and not just say things and do otherwise, we will always be in the good graces of God.


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