Reflections From The Bible And Life

Don’t Loose Your Head!!!

Don’t Loose your Head!!!

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Jeremiah 1: 17-19; Psalm 96:1-13; Psalm 71:1-17; Luke 4:16-30; 
Mark 6:17-29 

King Herod was a very influential man and had the strongest political power of his time. He was one person who had no backbone. He knew what was right and what was wrong, and yet, he chose to do what’s wrong because it was easier to do, and because it was pleasing to him. It pleased him to have a relationship with his brother’s wife. It pleased him to be honored by so many men. He valued this honor so much that he always kept his words to them, even if it meant sinning against God. Man’s approval was more important to him than God’s approval.

A part of king Herod was afraid of St. John the Baptist, because he knew that the words that John spoke were true, and he was a holy man. He wouldn’t dare touch him. But one evening, after seeing his daughter Herodias dance to his great delight in front of his guests, as his materialistic ways dictated to him, he felt the urge to offer anything to his daughter, even up to half of his kingdom. Herodias, who was also misguided and wanting to please her mom, listened to her mom, who held a grudge against John for speaking harshly against her relationship with king Herod. The end result was harsh and ended with John’s beheading, and everybody committing grave sins.

Herod didn’t want to disappoint his people and show them that he was a man who kept his words and that his words are as solid as a rock , so he had to give in against his conscience and God’s will. Herodias, being misguided, thought she would  do something wonderful and gain her mom’s love even more, listened to her mom. Herodias’ mom who held a grudge against John committed sin out of anger which was born out of her love for her sinful self. She became disillusioned with what was wrong, thinking wrong is right. Suddenly she lived a selfish life using her manipulative and cunning ways.

A lot of us can be identified with these culprits. We remain silent even as we see people committing sin in front of us. We do this so that we may remain at peace and not be in conflict with anybody. When we are like this, we are as bad as king Herod. When we deal with people that we despise or don’t really care for and charm our way into making them do something because deep inside we want something that we desire most out of their action, and yet we don’t tell them about it, we are not being honest and being manipulative, as in our case with our prayers. We are no different from Herodias’ mom in this sense. Same with blindly following suggestions and recommendations or orders from people, even if you know deep inside the actions are wrong. You may be able to achieve your earthly goal to please the people you love or care for, but if your means are wrong, our end result is also wrong. In the end we also ose our chance of having eternal life with God and living in eternal bliss. There’s no gray area with God, as I have always reiterated. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

It’s not easy to be steadfast in our faith and be lamps to those who are lost, for you will always encounter conflicts and rejections from people, just as Jesus and all the apostles and prophets have encountered rejections and persecutions from man. What man thinks is not important. What is important is what God thinks of you. For when the day will come when God takes your earthly life away,  who will be able to help you? Surely it’s not any of your loved ones or friends or anybody around you in your life. You are answerable to yourself, therefore do not allow others to make decisions for you. Guard your own salvation with all your might, with all your strength, with all righteousness, with all your soul, and with all your love for God. Even God will not help you on that day, for God is a just god and will not allow evil into His kingdom.

Do not be afraid of getting hurt, for God will always be there to guide you, to save you and deliver you from harm, as long as you live here on earth. As long as you do His bidding, nothing can go wrong.Always remember that your reward will be in heaven and it’s not always of your life on earth. Think of it as your investment for your own future. So do not be depressed if you don’t gain anything in this world, for your reward will be in heaven.


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