Reflections From The Bible And Life

Surprise! Surprise!

Nehemiah 2:1-8; Psalm 137:1-6; Luke 9:57-62

Nehemiah had a good heart, and had a great compassion for his people. As he saw how the land of his forefathers was being wasted, he prayed to God for help. God granted him his wish and answered His prayer through the King’s approval to support him in his fulfilling his great plan. His plan was to rebuild the land and to restore what was lost. It was no easy task, but he was spirit-led, and so he was in God’s favor.

Likewise, we should also be selfless and always think about the welfare of others aside from our own, even if it means coming out of our comfort zone, and threading in uncharted territories. God is always with us, and as long as we do things that are favorable to Him, we will always be supported and blessed.

Luke 9:57-62 is a series of dialogues between Jesus and some of his followers. They express willingness to follow Him, yet they are not ready to follow Him and feel unprepared to leaved it, having lots of concerns about their present situation.  The Lord takes care of your worries as long as you do His bidding. There is nothing to worry about. This is where true faith and total trust in the Lord comes in.

He wants us to have faith in Him like children to parents. Children trust in their parents with all their life. We should too, with God.

A simple example would be a choice of dinner between you and your loved ones. You might have different choices, but out of love and selflessness, you give in to what the majority wants. You eat dinner, and suddenly someone gives you a dish sent from someone else as a gift. That gift is your choice of meal, and in abundance too, for it is enough for the whole family. This is how God provides for our needs, no matter how small. How many of you can identify yourselves in similar situations wherein God blesses you unexpectedly?

To follow God, we have to empty ourselves. In emptying ourselves out of God’s love, He blesses us. Always remember that your reward will be in heaven and it’s not always of your life on earth. Think of it as your investment for your own future.


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