Reflections From The Bible And Life

Yes Or No, Not Yes and No

Revelation 21:9-14; Psalm 145:10-18; John 1:45-51 
Today’s bible reading tells us that God honors and blesses those who sincerely have their hearts set on Him. From the wonderful verses from the Revelation revealing Jerusalem shining in God’s glory after the pruning of God’s people, to Jesus’ strong remark about Nathanel, who believed in the revelation about the Messiah without much proof from the Lord as shown by his actions.

In Matthew 5:37, Jesus teaches us to be honest with ourselves. He teaches us to speak as we feel, and that anything other than that comes from the evil one. Black is black, and white is white. There is no gray area. For with the Lord, there is nothing to hide nor be ashamed of. With God everything is shared, especially His goodness.

The Filipino euphemism mentality is not accepted in His kingdom.  Say what you mean and do what you intend to do. Instead of saying you’re not sure about something and wasting other people’s time and efforts, plainly say “no”. Say no even if it will make the other person feel bad. At least you are appreciated by God for being honest.  Say yes only if we really mean it. Promise things only when you are fully convicted and sure to do them. Misleading other people is like trying to manipulate God into doing and thinking otherwise, which is evil. What’s worse is you are leading souls to Satan rather than to God.

Likewise with our faith, we should be unbending in our obedience to God’s ways. Indifference and non-involvement to others committing sin before your eyes is dishonesty to ourselves and to God. If we really love God, we would lead His children to him in times when they are lost, and not just act as spectators. We should be shepherds to others.

Integrity is very important to God. There can be  no real relationship with God if there is no integrity within our words, thoughts  and actions.


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