Reflections From The Bible And Life

God Or Man?

1 Thessalonians 2:1-8; Psalm 139:1-6; Matthew 22:23-30

Man is bounded by rules set up by himself. Being citizens of this country or any other country which we may belong to, we are expected to follow the laws set by the local government. Romans 13:1 remind us so. Man’s laws are to be looked upon as God’s authority through man. However, we should also be reminded that we are all citizens of God’s kingdom too, so we should also abide by His laws.

Many of us end up doing things to gain approval of the majority of people, even if it is wrong. There are also others who know what is right from wrong, and yet they keep silent as he sees people doing wrong things, in order not to cause anger or annihilation from other people and to preserve his anonymity. Would you rather please man or please God? Who made us and all these laws anyway? Man’s laws are just extension of God’s laws. Most of the time we fail to see the big picture and just focus on our own little world.

The bible is full of true-to-life stories of God’s true followers, from Abraham to Noah to Moses to Jesus, to the apostles. All of these people mentioned have something in common: their love, faith and obedience to God. All of them suffered from man’s ignorance of God’s love. Some were beheaded, Jesus was tormented crucified, while others were crucified upside down, and others were killed by the sword.

The message is pure and simple: We are not here to please ourselves, but to please God by doing what is good according to God. For our Lord, there is no gray area. There is only right and wrong. Black and white. Plain and simple.

We shouldn’t be afraid to confront people who are doing something wrong, but rather have faith in God that He will take care of you as along as you do His bidding. Don’t be afraid of man, for all mankind is answerable to God in the end. We shouldn’t have any reason to be afraid to die especially if we know we have not done anything wrong.

If we just keep silent, we are worse than the people who are committing the sin, for those who are committing sin may not necessarily be aware of what they are doing, while we know what we are doing is wrong.

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