Reflections From The Bible And Life

Be Happy For Everyone

Judges 9:6-15; Psalm 21:2-7; Matthew 20:1-16

After reading the parable of the trees, I have come to realize that I’m no different from the trees in the parable. We in general, are never satisfied. We tend to compare ourselves to others. Those who are fair skinned go to tanning salons or go sunbathing, while those who are dark bleach themselves. Those with curly hair get their hair rebonded while those with straight hair get their hair permed. We get envious of others. we always want to have everything.

As long as my focus is on myself and things of this world, I will never be contented. If my focus is on God who is all-knowing, all-good, and our provider, I should be able to realize that He has provided me with everything that I ever needed, and I should be thankful for for what I receive from Him through the people in my life, and never compare myself to others.

In focusing on what I don’t have, I tend to hurt the people around me who God use to bless me with. I should instead be focused on what I have and be thankful for the blessings, however big or small, perfect or imperfect.(in our eyes) For what may be imperfect in our eyes may be perfect in God’s eyes.

Lord, help me accept and be happy with what I’m blessed with and never be envious of others or aspire for material things that I don’t have, nor be envious of others. Fill me up with your selfless love that I may be happy for others as well.

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