Reflections From The Bible And Life

Children Need God’s Love

Joshua 24:14-29; Psalm 16:1-11; Matthew 19:13-15

After reading the bible and the readings for today, I realized that children, though bounded by rules, are hungry for unconditional love. They need to develop a relationship with Christ that is based on deep love of Jesus rather than based on rules.

As grown ups, it is our job to guide these children properly that they may come to know the love that Jesus brings. I have seen many kids on the streets who loiter around innocently while some sell stuff like Sampaguitas, and some beg. These children have not been given the opportunity to know what love is really about. I see a lot of opportunity for us to help them out.

Recently, I have been tasked by a sister to do volunteer work with children who need tutoring work, as well as be a sportsfest person leading a bunch of small kids. The tutoring part might take much of my time especially with preparing materials for the students and checking their work, but upon seeing their smiles at the end of each tutoring session and and bonding with the younger little kids happily playing with me in the fields, my stress is nothing compared to the joy that I feel when I’m with them.

I love kids! There is something about them that allows me to be more carefree and at ease with them than with grown-ups. We should really watch how we treat them. Children learn from your actions, and not by the rules that you set, or the words that you say.


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