Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Proud And The Humble

Exodus 40:16-21, 34-38; Psalm 84:3-11; Matthew 13:47-53
There are two applicants who applied for a certain type of job and both got accepted. One of them is experienced while the other one is merely a college graduate. They were given instructions on their job duties and left them alone to do their work. The experienced one had a lot of ideas which he thought would help the company a lot, so he did everything according to what he thought was the best way to do his job. He wanted to impress his boss. The other one followed everything that he was told to do, everything to the last detail.

When the employer came to check up on their work, he was shocked to find different results with the experienced employee. While his intention was good, having him in the company posed as risk for the employer because he had no control over him as he did as he pleased, and the results are not the same as what the company expects. He favored the other one who followed his instructions, so he fired the experienced one and kept him.

Likewise it would be wise to be humble, start everything from scratch, and learn new things from our job training, that way we unlearn any bad habits and ideas that we may have learned in the past. Plus we can absorb new lessons if we have less baggages in our mind.

In relation to our life, we never stop learning as long as we are alive. We must stick with our student mentality and remain humble no matter how experienced we are, for we are bound to make mistakes one way or another for we are only humans. Always be open-minded.

If there’s any being who we can listen to it’s God, for He never makes mistakes, and knows what’s best for us. Without His wisdom, we are bound to live life unsatisfactorily. If we listen to everything that He tells us through our hearts, we are blessed and even rewarded in His kingdom! If we live our lives with pride in our hearts, we won’t ever grow and improve. Life will be miserable for us.

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