Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Lord Hears The Voices That Cry Out In The Desert

Exodus 14:5-18; Exodus 15:1-6; Matthew 12:38-42

God delivers us from harm when He hears our cries of desperation as we render ourselves helpless. The Israelites cried out in fear as the Egyptians decided to take back their word and chase them as they were headed towards the Red Sea. Yet, God equipped Moses with the power to move the sea apart so they can cross over the sea safely and show the Egyptians that God is much mightier than their Pharaoh or their gods.

Yesterday, I was in Bagong Silang with my parents, and I have witnessed the sharing of an 18 year old teenager. He comes from a family of 6 of which he is the eldest. He was once carefree and felt detached to his family. He felt more at home with this group of punks who dyed their hair in different colors and didn’t care about going to school. There are Mercedarian nuns who work around their vicinity, and one happened to focus on this particular teenager named Marlon. (not his real name) Sister Maria (not her real name) felt compelled to help him out as she saw how he was wasting his life away in useless activities. She constantly persuaded him to change and even offered to help him out if only he came to her. This prodding went on and on until one day his father went to jail for owning the fault of one of Marlon’s brother, who threw stones at somebody who disgraced their father in front of him. His mother, not long after left them as well for unknown reason, although her reason at that time was to look for more money to feed her children.

This time, when sister Maria approached Marlon, Marlon readily obliged to follow her. Marlon’s willingness to follow sister Maria rather than continue hanging out with his radical group of friends meant his soul searching for God and real meaning for his life. He eventually found a few weeks after he joined sister Maria.

It was discovered that he stopped schooling because he had no money since his father went to jail and their mother left them. God used his transformation to turn him into a very responsible person and a man for the family. He suddenly felt responsible for taking care of his family in the absence of his parents. He worked and studied, and earned a scholarship on his own. His was able to send one of his brothers back to school on a scholarship since he was a good example. He was able to feel his family by working in a construction firm carrying heavy loads.

God blessed him as his efforts were noticed and his cries for help through prayers were heard. His whole family now is being funded for schooling plus allowances by Living For Christ Foundation. Now he doesn’t have to worry about working for now, but just concentrate on his studies.

In addition to this, his father was released from jail recently, and has shown transformation himself. He is as hard working as Marlon, and this time, it’s the father working to feed the children. His source of income is depended on goods for sale that are consigned to him. At times, there’s nothing to sell, so He ends up with nothing to feed on that day. It is because of this that Living For Christ Foundation has also decided to fund Marlon’s father with the necessary goods for sale as start-up capital so that he doesn’t have to depend on others to make money anymore. As his business grows, the foundation will wean off their assistance gradually.

God truly hears our cries, whether we cry out loudly or silently in desperation. What our heart says, the Lord hears.

So anytime we feel like being in despair or when we feel hopeless, all we have to do is remember that the Lord is always there by our side to help us out. Let Him help us not just in time of our deepest but let Him also guide us in our daily lives. One thing we can be sure of: Nothing will go wrong with God on our side!!!


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