Reflections From The Bible And Life

God Is Our Provider

Exodus 2:1-15; Psalm 69:3, 14-34; Matthew 11:20-24

No matter how lost we are, the Lord always guides us through the people around us. Helpless as he was as a baby, Moses was saved by his parents and the Pharaoh’s daughter and cared for by his sister, Miriam, who was one of the maidens of the Pharaoh’s daughter. Miriam took care of him until his young adulthood.

God not just takes care of our physical needs, but also our emotional and spiritual needs. Health care providers can’t even compare themselves to what He can provide.

God makes His presence known and felt through others around you. There could be many Miriams in your life. Have you ever thanked the Lord for them and have you ever thanked them yourselves?

Lord, thank you for always being there for us even before we even cry out for help. Thank you for being our divine provider wherever and whenever.

I love you Lord!! 🙂

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