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How Blessed Are We?

What are blessings? How can we tell if we are blessed? Blessings are tangible and intangible tools that we receive from God which are rightfully used for our spiritual life, as well as others’. Many of us think that when God answers our prayers favorably according to our expectations, we are blessed, otherwise we are not, or we just have to wait. Many persistent ones ask for signs even when the answers are already laid out in front of the person. Whether these things are blessings or not depends on how we treat the things that are within our reach, or even lack of.

Good health, stable jobs and financial stability may be blessings if we use them right. If we are in good health, but we waste our time on senseless activities such as drinking alcoholic beverages, hanging out in bars, and other stuff instead of being productive like sharing our time and love with the family and others in need, what blessing is our good health to us? It can only be a blessing if you put it to good use. Likewise, having money is a blessing if we give back to the Lord through tithes, help the less fortunate live better lives, and share the blessings with the family. However, if your use of money only satisfies your selfish desires, then it cannot be a blessing to you, and only something that gives a reason for you to sin or be ignorant to what is going on around you. Money itself is not evil. It’s how we treat it that makes it a blessing or a curse.

The problems that we face may seem like God has abandoned us or God has nor answered our prayers. However, God allows us to suffer to make us realize something good that we may be ignoring or to wake us up from a sinful life. God also tests our obedience, humility and patience if He needs to, just as He tested the Israelites when he had the Israelites waiting for Moses in a desert for 40 years after liberating them from the Red Sea. However, He provided them with manna from Heaven during their trial. As you can see, God will never let you suffer if you don’t have the capacity for it. In such circumstances, God provides what we need such as the manna in the desert.

There are also people who are born differently or people who had accidents that changed their lives forever. An example is Nick Vujicic. He was born without legs arms and hands. God allows this to happen because He has special missions for people like these. Nick is being used to evangelize people and prove to us that life is without limits even if one doesn’t have arms and legs and hands, and he’s doing a great job! Nick surfs, swims, plays golf, and does anything a normal human being does. People tend to be more passionate and attentive if they see a person like this giving speeches rather than a normal human being. So you see, Nick realized that his disability is actually a blessing!

Beethoven had an impairment, but it was due to his impairment that he was undistracted and his senses were heightened and honed. That’s why he was able to produce beautiful music.

Helen Keller was blind. It was her blindness that caused her to develop her special skills, and she became sensitive in places where other people failed to be. Thus she became a well-known writer.

There is a good purpose for everything, if only we look around positively with faith and humbly allow ourselves to be guided by the Lord.

Everything that happens has a good reason. The answers that we look for are in front of us most of the time. Most of the time we are just too naive and focused on our problems that we fail to see the big picture, not realizing that the problems we have is only a pixel of the whole picture that God has in store for us.

So instead of focusing on what we don’t have, focus on what abilities God has blessed us with and work our way from there. Be thankful instead of being grumpy or envious or wishful or hopeful. We cannot compare ourselves to others because God made us unique from others, and no one being is the same as the other. Not even the happiest married person is made the same as his better half. They are in fact different that they compliment each other. Look at the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. Always look at what you have and can do instead of what you don’t have and cannot do. Let God do the worrying for you. If you really need it, believe me, He will provide it if you cannot obtain or achieve it on your own. Just do what you can do, and He’ll do what He can do. This is the part where faith kicks in.

Let’s start counting all our blessings now and be thankful to God for them. Show Him how appreciative we are through our actions, thoughts and words!

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