Reflections From The Bible And Life

You Are A Preacher Too!

Genesis 44:18-29; Genesis 45:1-5; Psalm 105:16-21; Matthew 10:7-15
I believe that the verses from Matthew 10:7-15 are not just for the apostles, but for everybody. God wants us to spread the Good Newsto the world without getting anything in return. It’s a call for selflessness, humility and righteousness. We are to share what we know of God to others. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to literally preach to others, as we are called in different ways.Some people are called to be business owners. In being business owners who genuinely care for their employees and provide them generous salaries and benefits, they are spreading the Good News through their actions to others. Some are called to be public servantsor private employees who serve well with excellence and passion, integrity and honesty. By doing these things, you show others how we should behave.

Everyone is called to love one another. By loving one another, we likewise spread the goodness of the Lord, and many learn from our actions. With God’s grace, you attract people’s attention through the goodness that you generate, and you serve as inspirations for other to follow. Yet we are not supposed to take any of this glory all to ourselves, but attribute all the praises to God who provides for everything.

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