Reflections From The Bible And Life

Treasure Every Moment

Isaiah 61:9-11; Psalm 113:1-8; Luke 2:41-51

The Lord speaks to us on a daily basis through our experiences in life, in both the good and the bad ones. He speaks to us through the people around us as well. When we make mistakes, we are taught to do better and be wiser next time around. When we fail, we are guided on to reflect on what could have caused our failure so that we may learn from it. When we are successful we are reminded about who’s the being behind our success by our feeling of gratitude. Every moments like these are our special moments with God.

In the same manner, mother Mary treasured her privilege of becoming Jesus’ mom as they found Him in the temple after the Passover. Although they didn’t understand Jesus’ response to them, Jesus obeyed them as their son.

We should cherish every joy and pain that we experience in our lives, for God is present in every one of these moments. It is when we recognize this that we realize that God never abandons us after all. It may be hard to believe, but we just have to be taught lessons sometimes, and His ways are not of our ways. His solutions are not like our ideas of solutions. God writes with crooked lines, but His results are always the best!

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