Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Call To Serve God

Genesis 22:1-19; Psalm 115:1-9; Matthew 9:1-8The call to serve God is a grace from God Himself. God speaks to our hearts in many ways. It could be in the form of compassion, or feeling of being selfless to others, or even in dreams, where He tells you what He wants you to do. My parents established Living For Christ Foundation out of a great desire to help the poor. When they started out, they practically had nothing. But with God’s blessings on their efforts, people miraculously volunteered to donate huge sums of money, including Philippines‘ richest business tycoons.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, his son, as God told him to as a form of test. God, upon seeing that he was full of faith and obedient, blessed him abundantly. Likewise, I believe that once God calls us on a mission, we should heartily go for it, even if we feel unprepared, no matter how impossible it seems. For God will bless us with everything that we need to make that mission a success. He just wants us to trust Him and do our part. We need to show Him that we trust Him and believe in Him, as well as give Him the most utmost importance and not your job, business, family or other earthly needs.

As for myself, I got a message from God through my auntie’s guardian angel, David. His plan for me is stated in the message. My mission is stated there. It has something to do with abandoned, exploited, helpless little kidsThe message also says for me not to worry about how I will serve Him for the opportunity will come seeking me.

From what I gather from the message, God speaks to us through the people that we see everyday, as well as the people that we get involved with everyday. All we have to do is keep an eye open for any opportunities for us to get involve as Christians. When they come, we should be willing to help out.

Speaking of the call to serve God and being willing to serve, as long as Jesus lives in our hearts, we are blessed with God’s grace to feel for others and dedicate our lives for others. One example where we can start is with street children. Street children are very important to God, says angel David. Many of us ignore them and tap on the car glass thrice to ask them to move away from the car. Many of these children have no other means to earn a living, and this is the only way they know. Have you experienced starving like crazy and having no permanent place for you to retire at night and no place for you to wash yourself? We were also told by angel David that sometimes, God uses angels to pose as one of them to see how you will react. One of these children could be yours too! If your child was on the streets, would you ignore him or her as well?

Let us all take on God’s challenge for us to be His true children with real passion, faith, and trust in our hearts!!!

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