Reflections From The Bible And Life

Nothing Is Insignificant To God. Everything is Important!

We know by now that following Christ‘s ways and living our faith is very important for us and to God. God doesn’t expect us to transform overnight to emulate Christ. It’s a long process that involves mistakes and failures as well as triumphs which we all learn from and build from. However, as we take small baby steps, God blesses us along the way.

He doesn’t demand big changes in us instantly, as quantity is not important, but quality is. He’d rather have us master each aspect before going on to the next step. As long as He sees our genuine efforts no matter how small, He will bless and guide us.

Nothing is unimportant to God. Everything little thing that we do matters to God, that’s why we should not take anything for granted, and live Jesus in our hearts. Whenever we fall back, with Christ in our hearts,  our conscience and guilt will speak to us, and it would be easy to listen to our heart as it comes naturally. We also become compassionate with everyone around us when we have God’s grace. All we have to do is keep our hearts pure and always listen to our heart, and God will bless you and guide you along the way.

There can be no change if we don’t take the steps. Taking these baby steps one by one will one day make you realize that You’ve come a long way!!!

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