Reflections From The Bible And Life

Will Power vs. Real Power

Genesis 18:1-15; Luke 1:46-55; Matthew 8:5-17

Have you experienced burnouts in serving the Lord? It’s most probably the fact that you had to do everything yourself. While it pleases God to see you actively doing work for Him, it pleases Him even more if you effectively do the work for Him, as well as share the knowledge, for the results are magnified compared from that of one who’s experiencing burnouts.

They key here is to share the honor of working for God with others. Teach them what you know that they may duplicate what you know. Once they learn, the efforts will be less on your part, the stress will be divided, and the effectiveness will be multiplied for each one concentrates on one area of expertise, and so the results are grandiosely heavenly! Not to mention there’s double the fun when you have someone to share your enthusiasm with in your work!

Sharing the honor of working for the Lord is the key! 10 fired-up leaders/members is always better than 1 fired-up leader. No man is an island, and God didn’t create us that way either. A community of followers is better than 1 follower.


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