Reflections From The Bible And Life

Live Jesus In Our Hearts

Genesis 16:1-12, 15-16; Psalm 106:1-5; Matthew 7:21-29

Singing praises to God and worshiping Him in prayer is a good act, but they don’t doesn’t do anything for our salvation nor build a relationship with God. What the Lord wants us to do is live our faith. Words without actions are like dust that scatters off without any specific direction nor purpose. What is important is for you to set your heart to God. Once your heart belongs to God, you will never be insecure about anything because you know deep inside God will help you in times of need, even before you start asking for help. When we are at peace, we do not take things into our own hands, but rather, we happily do all these things with God, and we trust that whatever we experience in life, the outcome is always positive and good.

Our state of holiness should not only be confined at churches, shrines and other “holy” places. These places are just a place for Christ‘s followers to gather, but the place itself is not the church. We are the church, and so we should remain holy wherever we are, and not just in these places.

Our hearts speak the truth. Our thoughts and actions mirror that of which that comes from our heart. If our hearts are rotten, no amount of prayer is going to help. We can recite lengthy prayers but God will just turn His back on you. We should live Jesus in our hearts. When we do this, we start acting, thinking and talking like Jesus, for the Lord will guide us with the Holy Spirit as long as we exert some effort to be close to Him. Once we speak genuinely from the heart, we’ll be amazed at how we desire to pray even more, and how compassionate we become, and how selfless we become. All these graces only come if we do our part. God blesses those who help themselves, not those pray and do nothing. It’s clearly written in the bible that Jesus hates laziness and indifference due to selfishness!

Whenever we see anybody around us, may he be rich or poor, enemy or not, be aware that God is present in that person. How you treat him is how you treat God. So put into actions those flowery words that you speak in your prayers, and God will bless you! If people say that they see Jesus in you, then I could honestly say you are on the right track.


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