Reflections From The Bible And Life

Help From Above

2 Corinthians 11:1-11; Psalm 111:1-4, 7-8; Matthew 6:7-15

I would like to share with you my sister’s heartfelt experience of God‘s love over her and her family, and a proof that God already knows what we want before we ask Him. Her story is probably one about God just wanting to make sure that she doesn’t get carried away with her earthly pleasures and still served Him above all else.

My sister Cindy is one who loves to travel, ever since we were small. She loves everything about traveling, from planning itineraries, to budgeting to packing and unpacking. Let’s just say she’s a “jet setter“. Cindy, being the accountant of the family, is the one doing the budgeting for her family’s travel plans for the US next year. Upon crunching her numbers and getting to the total cost, she realized that the amount that she’s spending is already worth a fortune. This got her to a guilt trip.

So she made a plea with God, telling Him that if her love for traveling is a sin (because the money could be used for a better purpose like feeding the homeless) then let Him take off the addiction off of her. Then she went about doing her chores when suddenly the phone rang. It was her mother-in-law asking if anybody wants to go to Singapore with her this November, since she has a friends who’s giving away free miles from credit card transactions. and she had enough to treat my sister and her family to Singapore. Jon, Cindy’s husband, answered that they can’t since his partner’s designated vacation time from their business is in November, and casually mentioned that they were saving for their US trip for next year.

“US, did you say?” says the friend of her mom. “I have enough to get all of you to the US and back. How many are you?”, asked the friend once more. Jon answered, “4”. True enough, the lady had enough miles for 4 for the US and back. The next miracle is, the flight dates that my sister ideally wanted happened to be the same dates available for the free flights and same time too!!! In addition to this, the destination of the flights being offered for the miles coupons within US were on selective states only, but my sister got the states she planned to visit!!! Now that’s a 100% free airfare for all four of them on Cathay Pacific, which happens to be the favorite airline of her kids!!!

The only thing that they had to worry about was the travel tax. However, Jon’s mom’s friend was eligible for a huge discount on the taxes too, so my sister practically will end up paying only a minimum. It’s more of her pocket-money for the vacations and that’s it!

Well, it goes to show that God will not restrict us from what we want, as long as our hearts belong to Him! We just have to put Him first in our hearts, and reflect His ways in our actions, thoughts and words, and be a light to others.


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