Reflections From The Bible And Life

How Different Are We From The People In Biblical Times?

I had a fruitful bible study session with my parents’ group tonight. We studied about the Book of Judges, and the period shortly before that. God is truly patient with us. I could see how stubborn people have been, and how quick they forgot about God even with their more direct relationship with Him during those days, as there were so many prophecies, miracles and prophets to guide them. God provided the Israelites kings as they wished for an earthly king, even when we missed the point that God is our king and that there was no need for such.Yet, despite everything, even the appointed ones have turned their backs on God, worshiping Him in their own ways, while some end up worshiping themselves, like Solomon.

In the new testament up to nowadays, we are no different from the people before, and we are still separated in faith from different religions as each has their own way of practicing their faith, and some insist that their right and others are wrong. Many believe that religious practices and a good relationship with God through faith are one and the same. For me, as long as we believe in Jesus Christ and our actions reflect His ways, we are following the right path. Religious practices and faith are not the same, for one cannot be in God’s graces even if he follows processions and pray lengthily but his actions reflect ways that are not of God’s. It doesn’t matter much to God how one believes and worships Him, but what is important is how we listen to Him as reflected in our thoughts, actions and words.

When we serve the Lord, we have to keep in mind that we are doing the things that we do for His glory and not to gain popularity among themselves. I hear of organizations like Couples For Christ and FFL suing each other for the right to use the name Couples For Christ that both organizations forget that they are doing the work of the Lord for the Lord and not to gain recognition among themselves.


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