Reflections From The Bible And Life

Our Blessings Is Incomparable To Our Sufferings

Acts 18:9-18; Psalm 47:2-7; John 16:20-23

God blesses His children abundantly, but these blessings don’t come on silver plates. God tells us that we will suffer immensely, but will reap our rewards after the toil. And with our rewards, others will also be blessed. It’s saying we have to exert effort on our part to make our dreams a reality. As long as the Lord sees us exerting our best efforts in what we do, and what we do we do it for His glory, He will bless us abundantly.

It reminds me of women. They get pregnant, and most young women fear this. While child-bearing is a lot of pain, what transpires after overshadows the all the pain. While the pain is great, it doesn’t last as long as the reward that you get after the pain, nor match the degree of happiness that one gets after the birth of the baby.

True, God is the Provider, but we are His workers. If His workers are lazy, what use is His blessings when He knows it’s useless because whatever He provides will not be put to good use and will only be thrown to waste anyway. He blesses those who are responsible and deserve to be blessed, while lazy people and selfish people with selfish goals that are rooted to self-centredness are not included.

We have to glorify the Lord in all our goals, as dictated by our heart’s deepest desire to love and serve Him. If it coming from elsewhere, then it’s not from God and no matter how hard we toil, we will not reap anything. We should check our goals and see if our motives are of God’s or of ourselves.


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