Reflections From The Bible And Life

Mesages About Religion and Faith That The Lord Wants Us To Share

The following messages are not coming from me but from the Lord as channeled through angel David and my auntie. I’m sharing them with everybody because I feel it is meant for everybody. I’m not forcing anybody to believe in the messages but do hope you take them to heart.:

When Faith and Religion Clash

No one ever says it’s bad to attend church, to take communion, go to confession, or to practice our faith. The problem is that many believe they are one and the same thing. This is wrong and can actually be a dividing force that draws us away from the Lord.

In Jeremiah 2:32, the Lord tells the people that they have forgotten Him but it is not for lack of religious practices. It was that they were substituting religion for a personal relationship with Him.

“Religion as a Distraction”

For many, the only time we have for our Lord is the one hour we give Him at church on Sunday. For some it is the time they set aside to read the Bible. Yet both practices in themselves cannot foster a personal relationship with God. Rather they serve to make us feel good about ourselves. Although both have a place in the life of a Christian they don’t on their own draw us closer to Him. They only serve to ease our conscience and make us feel good believing we have fulfilled our duty. So although we have, like the Jews, we are not communing with Him as our lips give Him service but our hearts are not one with Him.

1. How are relationships formed?

Personal relationships between God and men are no different than that of men to men. For they share many characteristics:

There must be a familiarity or mutual recognition. Respect of one another.
Desire to create a bond. Interest a benefit to each.

For one cannot have a relationship without a meeting of the minds. Two must have a mutual need and be willing to establish a commitment. It is more than knowing of, or about someone. For with God it must mean much more. Matthew 7:23 shows us the difference by making it clear that although God knows us all, He may not recognize us as one of His own. Why? Because although we have spoken to Him, eaten with Him and talked with Him, we have never invited Him into our home (hearts) so how then can we be friends?

2. A spiritual relationship is different.

Why is such a relationship so different for many, because for most of us, we need to have some type of physical relationship first, something tangible to refer to. During the old days of the Bible, we see where God actually spoke to His people and men touched Him. Today we don’t hear of this happening so much. So many find it hard to believe that He has any interest in us, let alone exist and is part of our daily life. Although such encounters today are more the exception than the rule, let no doubt cloud your mind of His existence. He does exist. He is very interested in us and He is with us to the end of time. Remember this – God never leaves our side. It is us who are drawn away by the detraction of our mind and body. So just because you don’t hear Him, feel Him or see Him does not mean you cannot establish a relationship with Him. For to get to know His character and to understand Him, we need only to focus on scripture. For here will we see that a spiritual relationship is much stronger and goes deeper, for it can last until death. It is eternally able to transcend the physical laws of time and space. For a spiritual relationship is one of mind and heart. A spiritual relationship depends on a supernatural ability to relate to each other without using our physical senses. God being a spirit is a master at this ability and if you have doubts as to how you can meet Him in this endeavor – look no further than your own spirit, His gift to us. It speaks a language of its own which the heart translates, for He never meant for us to be alone. From the moment of our creation God has provided a life line if you will, that allows us the means by which to stay in touch and just to make sure we don’t lose the connection He provided us with His written word. He is on record as to what He wants from us, what His plans are for us, what He offers, what He promises and even warning us of the consequences of not heeding Him and going astray. This is why it is so important to stay connected to Him for as stated in Hebrews 3:7-8 “If you hear His voice, do not harden your heart as in rebellion.”

“Do not feel you can only hear Me speak to you when you come to My house. For I need no location to address My children.” Some people think they cannot address Him unless it is a holy place like a church. The truth is He resides in our hearts if we invite Him in.

Because God is all powerful, all knowing, and all present – we find it hard to fully comprehend Him and are intimidated by Him so we feel that we don’t know Him well enough to approach Him directly and need some type of intercessor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Knowing our need to come to Him, He provided us a permanent pass or right by His Son- the one and only mediator, Jesus Christ. No longer do we need to have intercessors like saints, priests, masses, and sacrifices. One needs to understand that the only thing that separates us from God was our sin. Once Christ paid the price for us, His sacrifices was all that was needed to make us right with God. When we come before a priest, he is not the one that forgives us…(FOR NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME)…it is God who hear us, for no amount of prayers can grant us pardon and reconcile us to the Lord by Christ who paid the price on the cross. If speaking to a person and telling him your sins and hearing someone audibly tell you – you are forgiven, then go before a priest but understand that he too is a sinner and has no power over your salvation. For Christ alone, interceding on your behalf can accomplish what no religion or system of belief or repeated prayers can do.

We are the sons and daughters of a living God. We have not been called out to live by a system of laws, traditions, customs, rituals, or sacrifices, but for the love of the one true God and the love of our neighbor. Are you truly Christ-centered? True Christianity is found on the living person of the resurrected Christ. It is Christ as the living word that reveals to us the face of our Father. For as Jesus said “if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father, for He and I are one, and by the Holy Spirit is a constant presence in and with all who have put their faith in Him”.

Behold I tell you a truth “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”.


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