Reflections From The Bible And Life

Watch What You Say

Acts 17:16-31; Psalm 148:1-2, 11-14; John 16:12-15

Words can be very powerful to most of us and yet words can also devastate one’s life. Man communicates through words. We show our expressions of love through actions and words. When we are angry, we also likewise express our feelings in words aside from actions.

While we could get hurt physically by wounds inflicted on us, we could also get hurt mentally with words, which sometimes leave a permanent damage if unattended. I know a lot of girls who think they are ugly deep inside, so they go through every ritual just to look beautiful. They think like this because they were told that they were ugly and even laughed at by family and relatives, the thought of being ugly left a mark in them. They grew up thinking they were ugly when in reality they were pretty.

God loves us and thinks we’re all beautiful. So if there’s a person who thinks you’re ugly, who should you give more credit to, man or God? God formed man and knows everything. Man has no clue to what is beautiful for he is not a master of his own kind. Therefore we shouldn’t be affected by what people think.

As for treating others, we have to watch what we say. Words can seem innocent to us but offensive to some others. Therefore, before we speak, think first about the others and how we can possibly affect them before we speak. Remember, God dwells in every one of us. Whatever you say to that person, you say it to God. Would you dare be rude to God and call Him ugly and other stuff???


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