Reflections From The Bible And Life

Let’s Be Less Concerned Of Ourselves

I’m slowly starting to understand how it is to live the faith and love others. I was supposed to be watching a Hillsong concert with a good friend of mine but I was swindled. Somehow, I was amazed by the fact that soon as I found out that the money was already claimed and I was tricked, I remained calm. I guess it was God’s grace that kept me calm.

Remembering some of the many blogs that I have authored and posted, I remembered the topic on forgiving. Right there and then, I simply texted the person this message: “May you put the money to good use. It’s ok. I forgive you.”, and I honestly forgave him right there and then without even asking what the money was for. That is not normally how I react. But to make the story short, he finally confessed that he needed the money for his ailing dad’s medication, and he promised to pay me back in two weeks. I was filled with pity for the guy that I just told him he can keep it as a sign of God‘s love. Although he apologized and thank me for it, I mentioned to him to thank the Lord for it for I’m just a steward of His blessings, money being one of them.

He goes on further saying that he also needed money to continue his education, that’s why he was attempting to make another attempt to fool me before I let him know that I already know that I was swindled. I told him that he needs to focus on his faith in God, believe in God, trust in God, and live the faith. If he does all that, everything else will follow, money being one of them. His problem is similar to most of us who get so engrossed in matters of this world that they tend to take matters into their own hands, and that shows lack of faith and lack of God’s importance in their lives.

I have never thought that a victim such as myself will turn out to be the same one used by God to touch the swindler’s heart, and bring him to the light of God. I was caught unprepared for this at first, but things came out fine in the end, and I feel good for helping somebody. It’s just the method for the process was weird.

God truly works in mysterious ways. We can choose to focus on ourselves and be blind to what goes on around us and only end up being distressed and overprotective of ourselves. This is too much baggage for us, and is a load that is too heavy yet unnecessary. We can also choose to focus on following Christ‘s ways, which teaches us to unload all that excess baggage and just leave the protection and worrying to God. All we have to do is live the faith, be good examples to others, trust in the Lord, and lead others to Him. He will bless us abundantly, not just in monetary terms. Now, which one would you prefer?

Sometimes we are too busy drowning in self-pity that we fail to notice that our problems are so petty compared to other people’s problems, and yet they are more in control of their life and at peace. The problem actually lies within us, and God has nothing to do with it. It is because we chose to suffer unnecessarily that we suffer like that. We don’t have to. With God’s grace, we can endure any trial and still be at peace. If we were to busy focusing on ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to see what God has in store for us, or where He is leading us to, just like a child too busy sobbing that he doesn’t realize that daddy has a surprise already in front of him.


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