Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Goliath Slayer

Deuteronomy 4:1,5,9; Psalm 147:12-13,15-16,19-20; Matthew 5:17-19

God is the power behind all miracles! Remember how David was able to slay Goliath with just one small stone and a sling? It was because of his faith in God and his obedience that he was able to slay the giant. Moses was able to part the Red Sea because he followed every instruction of God to the detail and with great faith. God makes mountains look like ant hills if we remain faithful and follow His guidance. Nothing is impossible to God.

I have witnessed many miracles in other people’s lives aside from my own. My sister had breast cancer at the age of 22, but because she had faith in God and followed where He was leading her with joy, she was able to allow God to use her as an instrument of hope and be a witness of His greatness to other breast cancer survivors. God in return blesses her with a loving, understanding and supportive husband as well as adorable children who are gifted.

My eldest sister now has breast cancer, but she is not shaken at all for she has a strong foundation of faith, and knows that God will not abandon her or allow her to suffer beyond her capacity. Where all these is leading her, we still don’t know. But one thing is for sure, God will bless her in the end!

Whenever we encounter any difficulty in life, we should never forget that God is with us, for only God can help us at situations like this. Asking for advises from people is not going to help as we are all in the dark. God loves us when we are child-like in faith as revealed countless times in the bible. He wants us to depend on Him at all times. A man who depends on himself is a proud man and doesn’t have a spot for the Lord in his heart. A humble man who depends on the Lord like a child does.

When I say depending on the Lord like a child, it also means listening to what He tells you to do, even if it looks silly to other people. For nothing is more important than pleasing the Lord. Pleasing people will only bring emptiness, for all that will come to pass. Pleasing God reaps eternal rewards.

The moment God sees you like this, He will never hesitate to help you, even before you even start asking for help. Believe me!


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