Reflections From The Bible And Life

We Are All One By Faith

Acts 15:7-21; Psalm 96:1-3, 10; John 15:9-11;

Going back as far as Jesus’ time here on earth, There have been too many groups of people busy bickering about how we should worship the Lord and how it is best to serve the Lord, with each pointing fingers at one another. Some people made it even harder for us to see the truth, as they clouded man by parading themselves claiming to be God‘s chosen ones, while teaching their own set of rules. Should we follow Moses‘ rules or his rules, etc, etc. All this was happening as Jesus Himself taught us the true ways. To many, he was just one of those false prophets and one of the many emerging prophets during those times. It was truly hard to tell which one was which as everyone was talking at the same time, especially when the one listening was also talking and was judgmental even as before others spoke. This has been happening even up to today. This is the reason why we have branched out into so many sects of religion, each proclaiming Jesus Christ. Each of them claiming theirs is the right way to God’s kingdom, yet none acted as if he knew what he was talking about. There are some who appear to be holy, yet he’s only in it for his own glory and fame, just like the Pharisees, the Vatican etc.

We have to remember that no matter how much we study about God and win debates about Him, it’s not going to matter much if we don’t practice what we preach, and walk the “walk”. If only we stop judging others and stop branding everyone, and instead see the goodness in everyone and treat one another as Jesus have taught us to treat one another just as He was treated us, the world would be a better place to live.

There can be no communication if we all talked and nobody listened. We have to humble ourselves and start learning to listen to one another without being judgmental. We can listen to what everyone has to say, but God gives us the wisdom to be able to tell what is from God and what is from man alone. This gift comes as we learn to listen to Him seek His ways. It comes in the form of a gut feeling or guilt if we have done something wrong which we are consciously not aware of. In dealing with other people with respect to their faith, we just have to retain the things that we learn from other people what is from God as well as share what we know about God’s ways through our actions, thoughts and words. We can never be judgmental with anyone, for you’ll never know who God might choose to relay a message to you or to test your faith with. As far as I know we are all equal in God’s eyes, and nobody is greater than anybody. We just have to live the faith, and love one another, despite our differences in race, creed, tradition etc. Nothing should separate God’s children from one another. Love is not bounded by anything and is limitless.

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