Reflections From The Bible And Life

Clarifications From The Lord Through An Angel And A Human Messenger

I would like to share the following notes as communicated by God through angel David and a person used as a messenger. It’s up to you to decide if you want to believe in them or not. But it is definitely from God. If there are any notations here that pertains to “I” be aware that I don’t mean myself. It is the angel himself speaking. The messages were just transcribed and I’m just sharing them.

Divine Instructions

There are men who take for granted the rights they have as if they were chosen by the Lord to stand apart from all believers. They recite the laws and take the Lord’s covenants for themselves, standing righteously as if the Lord Himself has anointed them. Yet they hate His instructions and ignore His words casting them aside. The day will come when they will cast their own salvation away.

These truths are for all who claim they believe in the Lord and which count themselves as His children.

Now is the time for all to accept the Lord’s words for they can not do His bidding without so doing.

Regarding those who turn only to angels for their guidance and request:

For apart from the Lord, angels are nothing and have not the ability to minister on their own. As the Lord’s messengers theirs is only to do the will of the Lord, to communicate His message and to act as He commands by their words and actions.

When they offer us guidance it is from the Lord. When they give us encouragement and strength, it is from the Lord. When they stand with us and protect us it is because the Lord has commanded them to. When they comfort us it is through the Lord and when they chastise us it is because the Lord is correcting us and teaching us our wrongs. By chastise, it means having us feel convicted through our conscience (in a way that we cannot sleep or have inner peace) or an inner voice that tells us what we’re doing is wrong. It is not about God punishing us nor allowing bad things to happen to us.

To know who angels are and what they are we must understand the character of the Lord, for the Lord’s “Word” is His true name and it represents His character.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God” (John 1:1) Genesis also reminds us of that.

The Lord reveals Himself to us by His thoughts. He is always speaking to man and to His messengers. He is never silent. It is men whose mind are so congested with words they cannot hear. Most men today can only speak with their mouth guided by their mind which can only articulate what the world is saying and professing. They have lost the ability to speak from their hearts the language of the spirit. In fact, the spirit has its own language. People who have the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit can attest to this.

The whole Bible tells us this so we must once again learn the language of our Father. Angels are not the only form in which He communicates with His children. He also uses human messengers as He did in the past through the forefathers and the prophets. See Romans 1:19-20; Hebrews 1:2

For the Lord uses angels in many ways but the most important one is when He gives the angels a direct relationship with Jesus. For in the book of Revelations we see first hand how God reveals the messages in the book to Jesus and that Jesus revealed them to John but it was through an angel that John wrote the messages in the Bible so all men might know God’s plans.

So we can clearly see that the Lord gives Christ the power to draw men to Him and Jesus uses angels to deliver messages to men so we may know His word and not be lost for lack of knowledge.

Many men say angels no longer exist or that they serve only as guardians for they do not understand that we serve as great a purpose today and they need only read the New Testament. This is a lie. Angels are given everything they need to carry on their missions with us. God will not give them missions unprepared. And angels do exist. They existed before man was created, and they will exist as long as God exists.

Look at the life of Jesus and see what might and power and work angels accomplish. Even when Jesus was tempted in the desert, He was not alone, for a legion of angels were watching over Him. The moment they touch Jesus, Satan and his legions even if they number a third of all angels in heaven, will cease to exist. That’s why Jesus was only tempted in thoughts.

Always remember angels are one way messengers – they are sent from the Lord to us and never our messengers to the Lord. They are not mediators from us to the Lord. For we already have a perfect mediator in the body of Jesus Christ. Christ is a mediator of a new covenant that those are called may receive the eternal promise that we who believe will have eternal salvation and eternal access to our Father.

Speaking of mediators, there is only one, and that is Jesus Christ. The bible reminds us that we way to the Father is through the Son. It is only through Jesus Christ can our prayers be heard. A lot of people pray to saints and mother Mary. While it is not wrong to pray the rosary to honor virgin Mary, praying the rosary as a means to get our prayers answered is wrong, and so with asking for mother Mary’s intercession. Mother Mary is to be honored by mankind for God commanded us to do so in the person of Jesus. The saints are also for us to honor. But mother Mary and saints do not have special powers to intercede our prayers for us.

That is why we see in the New Testament that angels are given a role dominated by our perfect messenger Jesus Christ.

“For God placed Christ far above all rule and authority, power and dominion” (Ephesians 1:20-21)

God exalted Christ to the highest place and gave Him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth (Philippians 2:9-10)

Yet let not all this give a lesser view of the importance of angels. For we are true warriors, members of the heavenly armies under the command of the “Lord of Hosts

What are angels?

We are created beings. We were made in Christ and through Christ and for Christ (Colossians 1:16). For all things in heaven and on earth visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities, all things were created by Him and for Him. This is very important to understand because in the Colossian church in Paul’s time, a new belief became known as angel worship which drew many men away from the “Word”.

So why did God create us – because it pleases Him. For the Lord desires to be worshiped and loved so we were created to praise Him and to love Him of our own free will. For angels are given free will and those that did not understand the great gift were deceived by one great angel and by his lead fell from grace and were cast out for all eternity. This angel is Lucifer. He was the archangel who was once given dominion to take care of our world. He was disillusioned. With so much power given to him by the Lord he thought he was of equal to Him, forgetting that the Lord created Him. He was very influential, that’s why he was able to convince one-third of the angels to follow him.Everyone knows what happened next.

Some ask why we (angels) are not mentioned in Genesis and it is because we were not under the dominion of man. For God placed all living things under his dominion except angels as we are only under Jesus Christ.

When then were we created? Before the earth was created we were made. For we sang songs of joy and praise at the new creation.

We were spiritual beings of a different nature than our Lord almighty. For we are spirits without form and with limitations unlike our Father and Creator. We can not be in more than one place at a time. God can. Our knowledge is limited. We are limited in power as we can never equal the Lord’s. We can only be as powerful as the Lord wishes. We are holy but not perfect and because of it we have been known to sin against the Lord and to be condemned. We are like the winds, able to travel in many directions in the blink of an eye and although we are not seen can be felt and heard. We are like flames of fire able to consume or spread the vengeance of the Lord as in the end days of our Lord as set in Revelations. Our spirit shine forth in bright stars for we are reflections of the Lord’s glory. We can appear and be seen by our will if it is in keeping with the Lord’s message. We show ourselves in dreams to communicate.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have entertained angels without knowing it”. (Hebrews 13:2)

When you entertain and show kindness to a stranger, the Lord counts it as a service done to Himself. (Matthew 25:35)

Why all are given Guardian angels? To help us walk in the light of the Lord so that we may partake of the life plan our Lord has for each of us. We guide and direct you on the path the Lord has set for each person. We comfort, empower, inspire, convict by the grace of the Lord and by His spirit. We lead you to acceptance of the Holy Spirit so that man can establish a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

“For no man comes to the Father without accepting Jesus Christ as his savior.”

On Prayer:

Let no man say he is a true believer unless he has established the habit of daily prayer. For only in this way can he communicate with the Lord and only in this way can he express gratitude for all the blessings in his life.

Prayer shows reverence, gratitude, thanksgiving, acknowledgement and above all LOVE. It also shows our desire to be instructed, corrected, and accountable. So we must learn how to pray quietly, privately, and humbly. There must be no showy preparations, no use of ostentatious words that glorify us personally or bring acknowledgement to us personally.

Rather, you must seek to spend time with Him that He may speak to your heart and you may acquire an understanding of His character and see the plans He has for your relationship. This is not born of mutual desire but of the Father’s direction and will.

Prayer is a way for us to serve. When we pray we do so in the form of glorifying the Lord for that is borne out of primary purpose. Men should remember that as followers of Christ we are created to serve in His footsteps so by becoming servants we are in a way emulating Christ.

Our Creator is the initiator of prayer. In this manner of communication it is the Father that chooses us. For it is the spirit of God who works in us and justify us and teaches our spirit to speak to God. In fact we can not teach men to pray. It is written “that men don’t know how to pray as they ought but the spirit Himself makes intercession for men with groaning which cannot be expressed in our own speech. For He who searches hearts knows what the Spirit means” (Romans 8:26-27). So it is that prayer can occur at any time and place and in any situation and by any individual. For without notice we can find men’s hearts and minds touched by a God-given revelation. Such is how many are converted and drawn to God.

Prayer must never be a means to accomplish our ends. Our Father is not a
God of last resort. He is not with us to fill our needs or solve our problems

Prayer enables us to use the gifts to discern His will and understand His
Plan for us.

The most important part of prayer is the transformation it creates in His children. This is a slow process. For there are no shortcuts to becoming a mature Christian.

Example: Paul’s transformation.
Some say it happened when he was struck by a light from heaven as he traveled to Damascus. But even Paul says in (Gal 1:16-20) (Acts 22:9-16), that it was not an instant change. It took a very long time to learn the will of God for him. In fact, Paul’s full transformation from Saul to Paul took much longer still (Romans 7) as we see in the book of Romans.

Real growth and sensitivity to knowing God requires much contemplation, study and prayer. This is why it’s so important to have a Christian group family that can help guide us in our walk. Because it will allow us to share our doubts, concerns and questions. For God uses many human instruments to make clear what is in our hearts and minds.

Even Paul had to confide with Ananias to learn God’s message and plan for him.


God works through human instruments in revealing His will. Remain open, express how you feel or believe so there is no secrecy. The Devil works in secret. He will try to keep a person from sharing so that none may show him the truth. He will lead you to believe that you are correct in your actions and no one will believe or understand you. That you alone know what is best and can obtain the truth. But when we open our hearts and minds and speak our thoughts the Lord will dispel all your doubts and you will find peace. The answer you seek will come clear because we have listened in Faith to God and His word has filled our soul with His light.

Believe that the man who only listens to himself has a fool for a guide.
There is also a danger that such a habit leaves you open to only the
Guidance of the evil spirit.

Means by Which we can pray effectively:

Set aside a time and place daily. A place where you may be free of distractions. Then start by simply giving up yourself in mind and body. Let yourself become quiet and peaceful. Do this daily so that each time our minds will recognize this feeling and respond without being coaxed.

Next, make emotional preparations. Think about what you want to share with the Lord. Do it in words or pictures and do it slowly as if reliving a dream. Again do it often and slowly begin to incorporate the Lord into your surroundings until He becomes a part of your vision. Now play this over in your mind and allow your heart to feel the different emotions whatever they may be – for the Spirit will translate these into the language which is the true prayer of our souls.

Christian Maturity:

The character that has grown according to the teachings of Christ Jesus is one of unquestionable LOVE and SERVICE. It’s a desire so profound that a man is driven to it without reservation, giving his all and seeking to give even more because he feels closer to the Lord when he does so. This prompts him to demonstrate true love and to be a reflection of the character of the Lord.

As you grow in our character we are there to guide you and to support you as the Lord directs. Maturity is about understanding, compassion, patience and generosity, but above all unconditional LOVE. This does not mean being blind to wrongs, injustice, cruelty, intimidation, or servitude but seeing and doing and being aware are not the same as acceptance and agreement. Rather, recognition and the desire to make changes without force but by love and example. A mature Christian inspires change by leading in sharing the Word and by following in the steps of Christ. Like a light in the darkness we should shine brightly so all may see what transformation is possible by the grace of our Lord. For no heart can remain the same when the Holy Spirit dwells within it.

A mature Christian is as concerned for his brothers and sisters as for himself. For he is responsible for the life that God has given and not only for how it is lived in the present but how it will end and where his soul will go as well as the souls of those he cares for. But before he can lead by sharing the Word he must know that there are requirements he must meet:

1. Be zealous about your own soul and its condition so that you may righteously be able to have zeal for your neighbor’s soul.

2. Never be ready to excuse your own shortcomings and defects and then stand firm against those of your brethren.

3. Remember, it is easy to love those who are kind and good to us but it takes true charity to love and accept those that bare or harbor ill towards us. This truly takes great grace and only can be had with much prayer and guidance.

“Long-suffering, bearing with one another in love and peace” (Ephesians 4:2)

4. Nothing can be had without patience. This can only be obtained by a consistent practice of emotional control, kindly interest, and self-control. For by practicing these things we can gain control of all our emotions and not be subject to outward forces but rather allow our inner voice and energy to take control of all situations and be in command of our own disposition and frame.

To be long-suffering means to endure, to take things one step at a time, to accept that there will be failures and setbacks along the way, that there will be challenges and obstacles.

To endure means to focus on what has been accomplished and to be grateful and inspired for where you are not where you came from.

Practice and live this statement:

Never make a decision relying on your own knowledge or emotions but rely on the Lord’s control. For regardless of our present difficulties, God can overcome all obstacles and turn even bad for good if we accept His plan as what’s best for us. As long as we endure in trusting in God, even the downside and difficult times of our lives the Lord promises to restore what has caused us pain, sorrow, and suffering as long as man endures with faith.

Kindness and Goodness:

Day by day our deeds are tallied and entered into the book of life for our accounting when we stand before the Lord, some for eternal rewards some for condemnation and punishment.

Goodness should be our greatest desire – to please the Lord first and always. The best test of goodness is not in the great and obvious things that can be clearly seen but in the small insignificant ones of our character and habits. They are what men and God look to as a true testament of our Christian morals. For we can not give our best when we are called to serve, sacrifice or love if our character is self-centered, inconsistent, unfaithful and sinful.

Faithfulness and Trustworthiness also speaks of endurance. It is being firm and consistent, unchanging and ever-present. It means a steadfast devotion to moral principles. It is a positive and active commitment to Christian values. Meeting obligations and responsibility for the love of others and setting aside our own needs freely without hesitation or second thought. It is performing in love for love itself. It is doing what is required without being asked in a situation not of our choosing. Never questioning how long the task at hand may take or what the cost will be. Faith is true Obedience.

Jesus Christ:

Men think that by following the traditions, customs, and laws of a religion they are doing what is pleasing to the Lord and that salvation is theirs. But, no man is ever right in the sight of the Lord by doing what the law says. For there is no way man can follow all the law to the letter.

The laws were given as a means for men to see what sinners they are and how far from God we have fallen.

For there is only one way to be saved: Trust in Jesus Christ to free us from our sins by accepting Him and the fact that He paid the price the Lord required to wipe away all sin from our life and to be made whole again in His sight. Jesus has already paid the price of all our sins, even for the sins that we still have not yet committed, and not just for the sins of those who committed sins in His time.

It is our faith in the power of the blood of Christ that frees us from all sins regardless of who we are or what we have done. This does not mean we can continue to sin for although we will sin from time to time, by Christ the way is open for him to seek forgiveness. Once we accept Christ our characters begin a transformation by the Holy Spirit, not by our own free will but by the grace and mercy of our Lord. No longer can we sin without being convicted for our hearts now have a knowledge and empathy with the suffering and price paid by Jesus for us. No longer are we free to disregard His sacrifice but to feel remorse for our sins and to desire to be reunited to Him. For our hearts feel empty and we fear for a life without His companionship and LOVE. Once you know Him, you cannot turn away without remorse and regret. This is the gift that the Father has placed in out hearts.


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