Reflections From The Bible And Life

God’s Note On Prayer, Mission and Attitude

On Prayer and Missions In Life:

The life of prayer is unique in that it is a living thing. For many, God plays a role in their lives but has limits as to the relationship with limits on the personal relationship.

*** Remember: We cannot pray unless the Lord draws us to Him. The Lord never plants desire to pray simply to frustrate us. He never leads us to the impossible but to show us the error of our direction, belief or demands.

A good prayer brings our real concerns and thoughts before the Lord, and teaches us how to listen to His voice. What is not good is to look at prayer as a way to manipulate Him- to try to make Him give us what we desire.

“No man can ask of me what is not my desire for only I can fill your heart with My understanding. Listen to me and you shall hear me. Do not make demands of me, for you know not my plans and have no knowledge of my wisdom.

My mind is not for you to know. Trust that I speak to you and learn to have faith. Listen, listen with your heart and hear the voice of my spirit as it speaks to you and your spirit will speak with the language of your soul which your ears can not hear. Only my mind works with all that write my mind on their hearts can understand my thoughts and only my children know what my desire is can come to hear me as I speak my wishes to their hearts.

Behold I come to you as I always have through my messengers and this I do, for they are chosen by me to bring to you my word. For you cannot understand me with your ears even now you doubt my request and my direction. How then do you expect to discern my words to you and to understand all I have to speak to you, for only when I plant my spirit in the heart and soul can my voice and intentions be known and only I chose who can speak for me.

Do not question me.

Do not make demands of me.

Do not manipulate my words.

Do not instruct me.

Do not direct me.

For my words are mine alone – my plans are my own – my instruction final and my direction true.
My desire is only for my own pleasure and only I can see the future.

Choose to follow or not as you wish and I will make no demands of you. I only wait to see if you heed me for I have much that awaits you but I will not force any to accept or to follow or to avail of my blessings or my great plan for their lives.

I only wait and hope that all will come to me as I give to all my children only what they truly need to succeed in this life so they may join me in eternity with glory and joy.

I have manifested much as proof of my being yet they question my ways- they do not understand and can’t accept- They see my work and feel my power around them yet they cannot accept me in their personal life. Because they know deep inside they are not able to accept the truth as I try to lead them to change. They have not yet had a change of heart.”


Q: How do you explain to someone that they don’t have the spirit when they claim they pray and are very truthful in their requests?

A: They should not open with requests but allow their spirit to speak for them for the heart can’t lie and it will speak the true words of their minds.

Q: Some men don’t understand and I don’t know how to explain.
A: Let your spirit speak when you don’t have words. Be still and listen. Be still and know that I am.

Q: Will you speak to us directly or do I speak to you direct?
A: I always speak and instruct. Let me speak and lead you to my understanding.

Q: How do I know when I have delivered all the messages?
A: And the message is complete, by the content and by the spirit. Turn to the Word for clarification.

A Warning For Those Who Serve God The Wrong Way

“You will reap many rewards before men but my children will be blessed above when they will receive many blessings and crowns of gold but you will not garner any rewards in my kingdom for you have not served me in humility and have sought only the rewards of your fellow-men who praise with false tongues and deceitful hearts for their own glory and benefits. You chose to listen to false praise so shall you gather fake and unrewarding glory only to find empty the house of the Lord.

No man of proud spirit can hear me as he can only hear with his ears what his proud heart wishes. He
cannot serve the Lord as he will serve his needs first. Never will the Holy Spirit dwell in him.”


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