Reflections From The Bible And Life

Who Do We Really Serve and How Do We Serve?

All men in their hearts decide where they’ve been. All men know where they come from. They know where they want to go and where they want to be. And if so, then we must look to ourselves and pay the price for what we do. For much glory can be received from other men but that will all come to an end, for no man is eternal.

All men are given the gift of God. And in that gift is mercy and revelation and understanding. There’s life within our conscious minds.We know what we speak and what we do. We may not fully understand the reasons behind it, but we know what our motivations are, for many speak the glory of other men.

God implants in men all that they need, but they harden their hearts. They turn away from the Lord. Because in serving, there is no glory. It is only for the glory of God, and they have hardened hearts. They do not wish to accept or to share their glory. They do not wish to put God first in their lives, for that will take away all that from them.

There may be times when we don’t know what we’re doing for we don’t fully understand ourselves, but God draws us to Him to call our attention in such cases. He provides all the understanding that we need. But we must be willing to accept it. We must be willing to relinquish our pride, our heart, our life, if necessary, to serve Him, to give to Him all glory. Not to stand forth before other men, glorifying ourselves, esteeming ourselves in their eyes and in their names and showing them that we are someone of importance, that we have the ability to control our destiny. And no man controls his destiny and no man controls his very life. It is only through the grace of God that we are here, that we take every breath that we have in our bodies, and that it must be for His glory.

Not all of us can be perfect. Not all of us can aspire to always be correct, say the right things, think the right ways. How do we change that? How do we ask God to soften our hearts? To open it? To know what His intentions are?

It is not for us to seek the wisdom. It’s not for us to understand. It is for us to speak the Word of the Lord and in speaking that Word, our spirit understands and when our spirit understands, it will respond. We must accept without any revelation, and must allow ourselves to humbly go forward. We cannot do this on our own. We cannot expect to understand with human ability. It is our spirit that understands. It is our spirit that opens up. It is our spirit that preserves, gives judgment and accomplish things for God. For one spirit speaks to another. It prompts one another. It understands one another. But we must accept… we must accept what we don’t see, what we don’t understand and what we can’t fathom. And in doing so, it will become a truth to us.

The Word touches all who come to Him and ask. But with acting must come the willingness to accept. We cannot hope to be invited and then turn the invitation away because it has not been delivered in accordance to our wishes. We are not all created in the same manner. We are not all created within the same path. Each is created for a special purpose. We will not understand that purpose. We will not be able to receive that gift or perform that duty unless we’re willing to accept this on faith, not knowing, not understanding, not seeing, not feeling, but accepting what the Lord directs to our spirit. With Him directing our spirit, we can perform what He asks of us, what He demands of us, and what He wishes of us. And from there comes perfection. Until we can truly give of ourselves fully, we do not comprehend the manner of the Lord.

There is still hope for us, for all men have the ability to change their character. All men have the ability, the God-given ability, if our hearts truly want it. The only way we can learn, the only way we can grow, the only way we can separate ourselves from this to the Word of God is to immerse ourselves in that Word until it becomes one with us.

The Book is a living, breathing being. If we immerse ourselves in it, it will grow with root deep inside our hearts into our spirits and we will understand and see things we have never seen before. One cannot have empathy with those who suffer, those who have pain, those who are lost, unless one has walked as they have walked.


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