Reflections From The Bible And Life

Nothing But The truth

Acts 13:13-25; Psalm 89:2-3, 21-22, 25, 27; John 13:16-20;

Have you fallen for lies before?  We all have at one point or another. We easily fall for liars who will tell us what we want to hear. In decision making, we tend to listen to people who give advises that are favorable to us, only to find out in the end that we made the wrong choices in life. Everybody knows we all fall for this, and that’s why there will always be manipulative people who would use you for their personal gain, and people who become suckers. Do not be any of these, especially in our relationship with God.  

When we pray, let us not use up our time talking to the whole time. We should rather spend some of the time in silence together with Him so that we may listen and receive any messages that He might want to give us. Prayer is a two-way communication, not just one-way. When we pray, we shouldn’t spend time trying to manipulate God  to get what we want, and spend the whole time asking for things. God already knows what we need and what we don’t need even before we have thought of them. There’s no need to ask Him for all these. He provides as He sees fit. Thankfulness and praise for all our blessings in life would be better. We should rather desire for what He wants, and pray that His will be done unto us and unto others, and that we may be used for His greater glory. If we do all these and put our hearts into what we pray for, we will be blessed abundantly, plus we will be given the truth.

What people think is not of importance to us, but rather what God thinks. Most of us seek to gain approval and recognition in this world for the purpose of seeking acceptance and praises in this world. We may feel happy that we are recognized, but we will still feel empty. When we leave this world, we leave everything behind. All the praises, awards and recognition will not help us in our real life, which is our life thereafter.

If there is any being that speaks the truth always, and someone who we can rely on, that would be God. Only God’s word, being the bible, as well as any message that we receive in our time of prayer, speaks the truth. 

Whatever we do, we should always do it for His greater glory, and not ours. When in doubt of something, or when we’re stuck in a situation, do not seek advises from the servants, but seek advises from the Master, being God. What would other people know? They may be more experienced that you, but their knowledge in life will only be limited to their life experiences and education only. Why not seek advice from the one who created life Himself? The one who has known you even before you were created?


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