Reflections From The Bible And Life

Youtube and the Eucharist

Acts 9:1-20; Psalm 117:1,2; John 6:52-59;

Our lives are like videos posted on Youtube. There are videos which we love watching over and over again, and there are videos that bore us. Which video do we want our lives to be? We are what we make of it. While there are people who live for the sake of enriching themselves here in this earth and enjoying earthly life, or living life just to exist, some people actually live the right life, and that is the life that Jesus asked us to live.

Scriptures say that we should eat from the flesh and drink from the blood which provides us eternal life. It means live the life that Jesus has lived as an example to us, that we may find peace and happiness beyond this earthly life, which is just a temporary life. If we seek for what is of this earth, the pleasures that we seek are only temporary. But if we count our blessing amidst our suffering, experience joy amidst terminal sickness, sing praise amidst seemingly cursed circumstances, believing in victory amidst hopelessness, we live the life of the Eucharist. When we do that, there is nothing we should fear, for God will always be with us forever!

Sometimes, it may be hard for us to do God’s bidding and touch people’s hearts, but when God sees our efforts, the impossible may happen.

Take the example of Ananias. When God sent him to convert Saul who was blind at that time, he was fearful due to the horrific stories that he heard about Saul. But God told him that He is using Saul to convert others like him to Christians, so Ananias blindly followed. We too, should follow what we think we should do that is right, and not give in to what we feel, for there is nothing impossible in God’s eyes.

While we are here to live our earthly lives, we should make the most of it, so that way be rewarded by our Lord in our real life.



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