Reflections From The Bible And Life

What’s Important In Service

Acts 3:1-10; Psalm 105:1-9; Luke 24:13-35;

A lot of times, we often fail to see what we want to see due to distractions. Take the simple case of searching for one of our personal belongings in the house. Sometimes we ask our housemaids if they have seen what we’ve been looking for. They tell us it’s in front of us but we don’t see it, so they hand it over to us when we could have listened to her and find it ourselves. We are often distracted by the many things going on in our heads, the many thoughts wandering about, most of which are just distractions.

Even church leaders could be easily distracted. They have the possibility of being more concerned on how good they look, how great they sound, and how they can woo people with their sermons or preachings. Sometimes in the preachings they can even be a carried away as they add flavor to them according to their own ideas to look good and be well-loved and respected, not realizing that they have gone beyond their point. It often results to selfish and egotistical goals rather than the original goals that were planned for.

There are also people who want to serve the Lord in the best way, but often end up hurting people unknowingly in the process, such as in the case of a choirmaster who humiliates members for singing out of tune, or a prayer leader who is more concerned of attendance for prayer meetings rather than the group members’ personal relationship with the Lord. While the goals are wonderful, the means are wrong.

Sometimes, we have to skip some details to look at the big picture, otherwise, we would be stuck in some of the unnecessary details and become disillusioned to them, replacing our main goals with them. Less favorable results come out when done that way. We have to be less concerned of the details or logistics and be more concerned of how to achieved our goals in an effective Christian fashion, and do things the Christian way. Sometimes we have to adapt to our situations, or make sacrifices to produce a better result than the current result. The world cannot adjust to us. We have to meet halfway, without compromising our Christian values.

We have to do things in a Christian way, and be more concerned of that than anything else aside from our goals.

In Luke 24:13-35, Jesus was already right in front of Cleopas and his companion who were discussing about the details of Jesus’ body’s disappearance and all those unnecessary details, forgetting about what all the prophets spoke about. They failed to see the big picture, which was Jesus had risen from the dead. Even as they told Jesus about what they were talking about and after Jesus had explained to them in biblical proportions, they still could not see the truth. It was only after they had invited Jesus for supper and He broke the bread that they were able to put all the pieces together.

Truly God is the god of service!!


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