Reflections From The Bible And Life

Servants Of God

2 King 5:1-15; Psalms 42:2-3, 43:3-4; Luke 4:24-30;

I remember the story of Naaman the leper who was cured of leprosy after he listened to his servants suggestions. He was not convinced that Elijah through the power of God could cure him simply because he was told to wash himself seven times in Israel‘s river which to him was a dirty river. Due to his humility and open mindedness, he accepted the servants’ suggestions and was healed.

From Naaman’s example, I am being taught to be humble, for I’ll never know who God might send to help me out. If I end up rebuking the person who was destined to help me, then I might not get the chance to be helped out. God works in mysterious ways, and there’s no way to tell how our prayers are going to be answered.

From the servants’ example, I am being taught to share the wisdom coming from God, that others may benefit from Him. As humble as a servant’s position, God will equip us with everything to guide others to Him. As impossible as the task is in our eyes, if we believe that He is with us, then there is nothing we should be afraid of. We just have to listen to what He’s asking us to do and stop questioning. Everything will turn out fine.

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