Reflections From The Bible And Life

You Get What You Dish Out

Daniel 9:4-10; Psalm 79:8, 9, 11, 13; Luke 6:36-38;

Life constantly tells us how difficult it is to live it, which makes us insecure and wanting for more of what we have. This develops into a selfish mentality, which leaves most of us the inability to share with others. we become trapped in our own little world, unaware of the reality around us.

There actually can be many ways where we can help. We can share our time, talent, wisdom, and compassion aside from material wealth. It is only when we share that we experience God‘s blessing in return. When God blesses us, believe me, He blesses us abundantly.

We shouldn’t feel insecure about ourselves, and know that God will take care of us at times when we can’t, as long as we call for His help. There is no reason for us to keep God’s love and blessings to you as a secret and all to yourself. There are plenty more where they all came from. We just have to learn to spread His goodness to others so that there may be more people to benefit from all the good graces. The 10 Commandments was summed up by Jesus into 1 simple rule: Love one another the way Jesus loves you. That is the true essence of being a Christian. If you haven’t done so, then you haven’t truly been a Christian, and you haven’t been in God’s presence ever before yet.

I’d like to think of the Lord as the show Design Invasion, or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where people are rewarded with major house renovations for free for their good acts of service, sacrifices for their families, etc. Likewise, God rewards all His people for their Christianity and for being loyal to Him, and like I said, when He blesses, He floods us with blessings. You’ll be lucky if you can still keep track of them as they come! 🙂


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