Reflections From The Bible And Life

Empty Promises

Genesis 9:1-13; Psalm 102:16-18, 19-23; Mark 8:27-33;

A presidential candidate proclaims to be the champion of the poor, and that he would not enrich himself but rather make the poor richer. Come election day, he won because of his campaign which was popular among the poor. However, what exactly happened after that was exactly the opposite. He enriched himself and his family and relatives, as well as some close friends, while the poor stayed poor. A lot of us can relate to this story as most of us can identify a person who fits this description easily, but let us not point fingers too quickly.

How many of us make promises to the Lord and don’t keep them? We don’t practice what we preach, and we are harsh in our words to others. Instead of enlightening others (even if the intention was right) we scare them off with friction, instead of being understanding and gentle. We are no different from the politician who won the election.

Remember what Jesus did when Peter tried to rebuke the Lord after He said that the Son of man was to be handed over, killed and within 3 days rise again? Jesus said “Get behind me Satan. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.” Apparently Peter didn’t know he will deny Jesus three times before the cock crows, and that is proof that when we make empty promises to the Lord, it doesn’t have any effect, and in fact, the Lord despises them.

The first step in our salvation is knowledge of our sin. It is our weakness. Once we know our sin, then we have to always be aware of it, and stand steadfast in our faith so that we may live our lives according to His will rather than ours. After all it is not this temporary and short earthly life that we desire, but the true life, which is eternal life after this life.


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