Reflections From The Bible And Life

God Knows What You Need

Isaiah 55:10-11; Psalm 34:4-7, 16-19; Matthew 6:7-15;

God know what you need even if you don’t ask for it. I have survived 4 major car accidents and two lethal drug overdose cases. In each of those accidents and incidents, I felt the presence of an entity so familiar yet so unknown to my world. One of the accidents was in one of my trips within Tagaytay, when my friends and I just split off from the place of one of the Singles For Christ sisters’ house en route to our house when suddenly the road became foggy at 3 am. As I started crossing what appeared to be Mendrez Crossing (where the old palengkes were) I forgot that there was dividing post separating the 2 traffic directions on the road, and the car hit the post on my side at 60-80 km/hr. I was confident that there was nothing on the road, that’s why I was driving that fast. We were in a hurry to get home. The Mitsubishi Galant GTI that I was driving became accordion shaped, and my chest was pinned to the steering wheel and I couldn’t breathe. Mon who was behind me, broke his hip, coz the back moved toward the front and he was pinned to my back seat, so his knees had nowhere to go.

I had a another friend who was in a convoy with me who saw the whole thing. He went back to the girls’ house to tell them what happened. Everybody tagged along with him and they all tried getting me out first coz I was the most lethal casualty, as I couldn’t breathe. They couldn’t get the door open and my friends were afraid of pulling me out coz they don’t know if I broke anything, and the steering wheel was really tightly against my chest with my seat pushed against it as well. They were really worried and promised me that they will come back for us. They searched for the nearest hospital with ambulance and emergency services for us. The nearest that they could find was La Salle EAC hospital. By the time they got back (this is according to them, coz I was passed out.) they saw me sprawled on the road beside my car, semi unconscious. Up to this day, nobody knows who rescued me. From what I remember, I had a dream. In the dream I was in the same situation, but there was a gigantic angel with wings, and fairly white, who told me to trust him. He told me that he was there to help me get out of the car. He told me to hold on to him. I did with one hand, and eventually with two. He pulled me like he was just lifting a Tonka toy. As he lifted me, I felt the cold breeze of Tagaytay, and I knew in my dreams that I was alive. Then I became unconscious. When I woke up, I was at the La Salle EAC hospital surrounded by many pretty La Salle interns! 🙂

To let you envision God’s hands more, I’ll give you more details. The guy who was sitting beside me had his cellphone and glasses thrown several meters away due to the impact. The windshield glass shattered and it appears that my friend Gerard who sat beside me, tore his face from the glass shatter. He told me that he almost flew off to the road with his glasses and cellphone but for some reason, Louie, another friend who sat behind Gerard,  clipped his nose unto Gerard’s forehead as he flew above Gerard’s head. Since the roof became lower, Louie’s supposed thrust to the front due to the accident was hampered and slowed down and Gerard didn’t fly to the front. Louie broke his nose as a result. This was all on a Sunday morning. My friend called our parents and we were rush transferred to a local hospital in Manila. As my dad ( a doctor himself) was looking for colleagues who he could contact, he met several doctors who were in the hospital randomly with different reasons, even when it was a Sunday and a day of rest for the doctors. He found an orthopedic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, and everything else we needed was there. Everything was taken cared of within the day. It was surely God’s hand that helped us. None of us died, considering none of us had seatbelts on, and it was just like a scary ride for us, a ride to our awakening. Since then we don’t drink and drive anymore.

God has also shown His wonders in my family, through less scary scenes but equally heavenly and wondrous. Everything that they ask for almost always falls into their laps just at the right time when they need them most. It’s like everything was planned. It makes me realize that I shouldn’t worry if I ask for His help.

Truly, God knows your deepest desires inside out. He knows when to give it to you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time before you receive the blessings so that you can appreciate them more.


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