Reflections From The Bible And Life

Praying for Abundance Daily

Everyday is a blessing from the Lord. We pray for a lot of things to the Lord. Our prayers are answered, but just not in the way we expect them to be. His answers could come in the form of situations, gut feelings, vision, miracles, dreams, etc. Blessings may not necessarily as straightforward as you’d expect them to be. Sometimes we just have to go through a situation to see the blessing. If we don’t follow His guidance, our actions would lead us to a curse.

We need to pray for abundance and guidance every day. The perfect time to pray is in the morning before you do anything.

“Lord, thank you for blessing us on this beautiful day. I pray for abundance that I may be also be able to bless others as well in your name. Please guide me as I start the day, that I may honor and glorify you in all my thoughts, words and actions, wherever I may be, and whoever I am with.”


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