Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Power of Faith

Sirach 44:1,9-13; Psalm 149:1-6,9; mark 11:11-26;

Prayers accompanied by faith is powerful. In the past, I have prayed to God in times of distress, asking for help. Deep inside, I was hopeful but unsure of whether my prayers will be answered or not, but nevertheless I waited.

The bible teaches us to have faith when we pray, and believe that our prayers will be answered. I have seen patients who got healed after the doctors couldn’t do anything to cure them, people who miraculously lost their tumors, people who miraculously won legal cases without a lawyer, and people who miraculously received money at the right time and others. These people prayed and believed that God heard their prayers and has helped them. They walked in faith. I admire these people who have such faith. I want to be like them.

God is constantly calling us to have faith in Him. If we start praying and believing in Him, we’ll have better results. Nothing is impossible with God.

Here are some true stories of miracles by different people:

Miracle Stories

Cindy’s Miracle Story

Touched By The Hand Of God


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