Reflections From The Bible And Life

Beg God!

Sirach 42:15-25; Psalm 33:2-9; Mark 10:46-52;

Have you ever experienced begging on the streets? I have, in my darker days in the States. There was a time when I was involved with drugs, was homeless, and was just relying on unemployment checks. (only to pay for more drugs) I would go to Journal Square near the PATH station (in Jersey City, NJ) when I was hungry, and I would ask for money “for a bus ride or for pay phone calls.” The feeling you get when you beg is total surrender, admitting to yourself that you are helpless and need help. That’s why you beg.

God wants us to ask for His help too. He wants us to totally surrender ourselves and our problems to Him, and beg for His mercy and help. He wants us to turn to Him instead of turning to false hopes and dreams (astrology, fake healers, tarot card readers, Feng Shui experts, etc.) and turning to the wrong people who give wrong advices.

If we look at the world around us, the perfect nature and beauty of it was created by the Lord. We were perfectly created by the Lord. If we had any defects or incapabilities, the Lord who made us would know better than anybody else. He knows us inside out. He knows our deepest desires, our dreams, goals, and our past and present situation.

God loves us and is very much willing to help us. He loves us too much that He doesn’t want to force His love on us. He is burning with desire for us to call on His name for help, for He sees our suffering and feels our pain, and yet out of love He grants us our freedom to choose whatever we want to choose. It’s just oftentimes we choose the wrong decisions. Let’s all turn to the Lord and beg for His mercy and help!!! 🙂


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