Reflections From The Bible And Life

No Expiry Date

Mark 10:7-8; Sirach 6:5-17; Psalm 119:12,16,18,27,34,35; Mark 10:1-12;

How do we treat the holy sacrament of marriage? While it’s true in the bible, Moses allowed divorce during the old testament days, Jesus made it very clear that the Lord allowed it to happen because people were heartless and quite ignorant during those times. But he goes to say that God man and woman and that man becomes one with woman and they become one people instead of two. Jesus also mentioned that a man who divorces his wife and marries someone else is unfaithful to his wife, and vice versa. It’s all in Mark chapter 10.

Many people tend to treat marriage as light as buying cars. They don’t take it seriously. While I have not yet ever been married, the way I look at married life is marriage is a life that involves adjustments and sacrifices by both husband and wife. When we are still single, we are attached to our family of origin in some way. We may be accustomed to the closeness, or being clingy with the family. But when we get married, some of these influences have to go, as your focus should be on your own family. While your family of origin provides a strong support for you, dependence to it in your married life can cause strife. There are activities that you would want to consider ridding off once you’re married, for the sake of your partner. We have to adjust to our own family.

Husbands and wife should think as one, meaning if I were a married man, I would make decisions not only for myself, but also for both me and my wife. So there are a lot more factors to consider before I make any decisions. I have to consider what my wife thinks as well before deciding. That’s thinking as one.

The marriage contract doesn’t have any expiration. The life that we enter when we get married is a lifetime commitment. For me the most effective marriage is a “love triangle” – you, your partner and God. Let God be always present in your life, married or not.


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