Reflections From The Bible And Life

Faith On The Line

Mark 9:40; Sirach 4:11-19; Psalm 119:165, 168,171-172, 174-175;

It’s very easy to say that we have faith in the Lord. The real test, though is when we are faced with trials that are unforeseen and impromptu. I used to curse a lot when trials come my way, and I fail to see hope and the possibility of seeing the light again from that moment of darkness. It’s like I’m submerged into my problem and feel helpless and unsure of what to do. Yet I didn’t pray to the lord for help. Instead, I panicked and did things haphazardly and wished for the best after, even while knowing the results would be bad. It was a case of band-aid solution which I did on my own without help from anybody. I realized that faith was absent in my past trials, and I didn’t even treat the Lord as if He existed.

The readings teach me to turn to the Lord in such trials, and to have faith in Him. I need to not just pray but also believe that the Lord will help me, and that there is nothing impossible with the Lord.

Do you see the daily miracles in your life and spread the Good news?

“Dear God, take away whatever muffles me in sharing my faith”.


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